Preparing for Instruction 1 – Characteristics of Adult Learners:

In this day and age, when considering the multitude of differences speculated between the adult learner and the child learner, there is no shortage of past and/or present research information to refer to.  I would like to begin with a summary of the major characteristic comparisons of Pedagogy and Andragogy in chart form.

and vs ped(educatorstechnologycom)

I thoroughly enjoyed the table format of the information presented.  The contrast laid out between the subjects of Pedagogy and Andragogy is indicated in such a simplistic way.  Straight forward, and descriptive, this brief article “breaks-down” the basic details of these topics.  Having access, through so many resources, to such a tremendous amount of material makes it seemingly apparent that adult learning styles are different than those of children; yet, certain situations and environments may justify some areas of these philosophies otherwise.  I would like to believe that this is the beauty, along with the challenge, of teaching.

While referring to this chart amongst the first article, I also happened to come across another stimulating piece – an authentic blog post.  Tom Whitby goes on to describe his interpretations and experiences about the subject of adult learners.  I particularly appreciated the criticisms mentioned in regards to previous conferences, and presentation methods relating to both adults and children.

I will gladly refer to the information I have discovered in my searches while planning my future course materials and surroundings for fellow adult learners.  I would like for my learning environment to have a comfortable, and inspiring nature.  Always keeping in mind, “… there is a love of the conversation, as opposed to the lecture” (Whitby), the words of the wise.  I would also like to imagine that I will be able to embrace technology in a professional manner, delivering up-to-date information in a way that is captivating to the audience of learners.

Refer to this adorable and entertaining introductory video on Adult Learning:





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